Needle serinze destroyer

Disposing of used needles has been real touch task in hospitals, nursing homes, clinical labs, operating rooms, other areas where syringes are being used. The used needles, if left without destroying could be hazardous leading to infections through needle contact with blood and could be HIV OR Hepatitis positive. The effective prevention therefore lies in the destruction of needles immediately after use. The only answer to destroy the used needles is the Instant Syringe Needle Destroyer.

Features :

 Economically prices

 Destroys all kind and sizes of injection needles (18G to 26G) from 0.5 to    1.5 inch length.

 Shock - proff

 Consumes less power

 Easy to operate

 Prevent infections from used needles

 Sterlisation of deestroyed needles

 Hardened blades to cut plastic syringes easily.

 Compact, Portable.

 One year warranty.


Technical Data :
Standard Equipments With manual cutter  Electirc Supply
220V +/- 10%, 50 Hz


Operation :
 Plug the unit to the mains.

 Insert the needle in the hole and as it it inserted, the needle melts in    seconds at very high temerature.

 Insert the syringe tip without the needle in its hole and press down the    cutter lever to cut the syringe tip.

 Remove residue from the collector at the bottom and discard.


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